Wallygadgets Scooter

Wallygadgets Scooter Review

Who doesn’t want an advanced vehicle that is not only cool but effective in so many ways?  We all want to move in sync with the fast-moving technology, that’s why there are so many electronic products being created to give us a glimpse of what our technology overpowered future will look like.

Wallygadgets scooter is one of them, this smart electric hoverboard is one of the most thrilling and exciting gadgets that was introduced to us recently. This decision can only be made if you know enough about wallygadget scooters, so to help you with that, here are some of the plus points and drawbacks of wallygadget scooters.

What Are Wallygadget Scooters?

As mentioned above,wallygadget scooters are advanced electric scooters that have the two-wheel self-balancing system. These scooters are designed as two-wheelers that support the needs of one.

Wallygadget scooters are easy to handle and are capable of balancing themselves. The features and purpose of wally gadget scooters are a direct reflection of how technological advancement in the future will look like.

Features Of Wallygadget Scooters

The concept is pretty simple yet intriguing, they are just like segways but without the handle. Those who are fans of two-wheelers should try using wallygadget scooters because not only are they stylish, they are reliable as well.

Speed Of Wallygadget Scooters

This flexible and uniquely built gadget has complete self-balance and can travel around 15-20 Km per hour, the only thing is that you need to use it correctly to enjoy the benefits completely.

This speed is more than enough for people who want to reach the office or any other place without wanting to face the frustration of heavy traffic and unexpected crowds.


Knowing the Weight of the gadgets is an important factor in buying them. Whether a wallygadget scooter is heavy or lightweight, both have its own advantages and disadvantages.

The wallygadget smart electric scooter weighs around 29 pounds which means they fall under the lightweight category. So, the wallygadget scooter is a portable product that you can easily move around from place to place. Even with this weight, wallygadget scooters are still able to manage most people’s weights effortlessly.

The weight factors don’t have much impact here because the forward movement of wallygadget scooters happens by simply stepping on the footpads which contain pressure sensors.

That’s why wallygadget scooters are known to be one of the simplest working devices with maximum stylish look.

Wallygadget Scooter’s Battery Life

People get extra cautious when buying electronic gadgets because obviously, electronics have a mind of their own and the batteries, in most cases, turn out to be disappointing.

That’s why It is essential to check the details regarding the battery life because if the battery life is not long-lasting or the charging rate is not fast enough then there is no use in buying one.

When it comes to the battery life of wallygadget scooters, we can say that they are good, not excellent but not disappointing either. Once fully charged, the scooter can run for 4-5 hours, that’s more than enough for most of us. The best thing is that when you purchase a wallygadget scooter you will also get a 100-240v AC charger with US plugs, and a user’s manual that is written so well that you will understand the entire working and managing techniques of the scooter.

Let’s look into some of its major pros and cons points.


  1. The balancing itself feature will give you an awesome riding experience
  2. Cool and futuristic- in a single device!
  3. This gadget works on all kinds of weather
  4. Its high speed is a commendable feature.
  5. Guaranteed durability.


  1. Not a good battery life
  2. The quality of the outer material is not as good as the company has promised.
  3. Safety measures are not their strong point.


Many people felt intrigued by the concept and working of wally gadget scooters and tried them while others are still in a confused state thinking whether they should invest in wall gadgets scooters or not.

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