Hoverboards Without Wheels

Hoverboards have been in this market since 2015 and they have successfully captured people’s attention with their advanced futuristic functionality and features. Hoverboards are awesome electronic gadgets that make you feel like flying while balancing your body on its standing area, using hoverboards will give you a sensation of complete freedom.

Over the years, this fascinating device has undergone changes and upgrades as the technology moves forward towards more advancement. So there are different types of hoverboards you can consider buying for yourself, either you can stick to the old hoverboards with wheels or you can try buying electric hoverboards or hoverboards without wheels!

What are these hoverboards without wheels?

Technology never fails to evoke thrilling sensations within us with its advanced and crazy innovations and developments. Hoverboards without wheels are One of such crazy and fascinating stuff that is a clear reflection of how our technology-filled future will look like.

When we hear something so unusual and unique, it is obvious that we will have tons of questions regarding such unique devices.  That’s the same with hoverboards without wheels.

Is it safe to buy hoverboards without wheels?

 Is buying this smart device a smart choice for your pockets?

What are the things that you need to keep in mind while looking for hoverboards without wheels?

People will get curious when something so advanced and different device is presented to them, and these questions are the result of their obvious curiosity.

What’s the deal with hoverboards without wheels?

Hoverboards without wheels are similar to electric skateboards. In simple words, hoverboards without wheels are something like skateboards without wheels that can hover above the ground. We only heard about such things in sci-fi movies and books, but as we move towards our technology dominating the future we are getting devices we have only seen on screens.

What Do hoverboards without wheels look like?

A skateboard, especially electric skateboards with no wheels- that’s how hoverboards without wheels look like. As much as it sounds like a scene straight out of movies, it actually works, it’s not a hoax.

The working mechanism behind hoverboards without wheels-

We know how the self-balancing scooters work, we just have to push the center of the standing area and it will move forward, all the while maintaining the balance properly.

But what about hoverboards without wheels? What’s the science behind it?

A device moving around without wheels sounds so thrilling and extraordinary that we might assume their working mechanism to be beyond our understanding. But that’s not true, hoverboards without wheels work on simple science that is understandable to common people as well.

The concepts

Hoverboards without wheels or an electric skateboard follow two technological concepts for smooth working. A powerful rotating fan is used in skateboards and hoverboards that rotates at a speed of 45,000 revolutions per minute and to control and check the movements, a stabilizing mechanism is also included in electric skateboards and hoverboards.

 Now comes the question of how including a powerful rotating fan works? Are the fans ideal substitutes for wheels? Do the fans work exactly like wheels?

Of course, the fans won’t give the exact same result that wheels do but they get the job done.

The basic science behind using powerful fans is that the fans are installed and attached to the base of hoverboards so that when they are switched on they will rotate very fast, so fast that they blast down the air against the gravity of earth, which causes the forward movement of hoverboards even without wheels.

List Of Hoverboards Without Wheels

Most of us have seen or heard about hoverboards that work with wheels, but there are a few hoverboards that work without wheels, thanks to the theories and concepts of physics.

If you want to experience the crazy and fascinating hoverboards that work without wheels, then below is the list of top hoverboards that can be just perfect for you.

1. Cho Electric Hoverboard

This hoverboard is chrome black and weighs 26.9 pounds, with a maximum weight capability of 220 pounds. Cho Hoverboard is a Hoverboard with a Safety Certificate. The pack comes with a charger. It comes with a built-in wireless speaker that can simply connect to mobile devices. The multicolor lights on the wheels will flash at random. With eye-catching hues, it’s ideal for youngsters. In addition, the lights may be utilised as nighttime signals to ensure your safety. Self-balancing technology on the hoverboard makes it easier and safer for beginners and amateurs. It’s simple to learn and keep your balance. In the event that something goes wrong with the gadget, Cho Power Sports offers professional assistance.


This one is one of the best scooters at the price. It has exceptional balance technology that is perfect for kids and beginners. Even if your child has never used this before, they wouldn’t find it difficult to operate. The colors are amazing, they flash in bright colors that look cool. The speakers are loud and come with adjustable volume. It would be better if you buy protective gear for your kids before you let your kids try any kind of hoverboard. This one is sturdy, has decent battery life, not the best in this list but decent at the price. The manual has tricks and methods to learn the balancing fast. You could also refer to YouTube videos.

2. The Uni-sun Bluetooth Hoverboard For Kid

UNI-SUN features a one-of-a-kind design. It comes with a set of 6.5″ thick solid tyres. It has multicoloured flashing wheels and an LED-illuminated high. It is secure and stable due to its robust shell and solid structure. Tested and approved electrical battery and charging systems Bluetooth is supported by the hoverboard. Portable devices may be simply linked to the built-in wireless speaker. The hoverboard is fitted with professional gyroscopes, acceleration sensors, and a motherboard, and moves in accordance with your body balance, providing a safe, smooth, and steady ride.

The firm provides excellent after-sales support.


It turns on and connects to her iPod, Android, iPhone, and other smart devices, allowing her to listen to music through the hoverboard’s speakers. It also includes lights on the wheels, which provide a fun light effect as your children play with it. If you want to take your cat or dog for a stroll, the hoverboard allows you to do it in a low-carbon manner. It’s a great way to get around without having to use a skateboard. It has the ability to transport you to any location you want. The batteries can be recharged and last for a long period after that. It has smart chips and a self-balancing technology, so you’ll be expertly balanced and ready to go anywhere in minutes. For beginners and amateurs, it is full of technology and simple to learn. It can achieve speeds of up to 9 miles per hour, making it one of the fastest hoverboards in 2021.

3. Wilibl Hoverboard For Kids Ages 6-12

It has the UL2272 safety certification. Wilibl has a sophisticated self-balancing technology that enables learning to ride a hoverboard easier than ever before. It also includes built-in Bluetooth speakers that may be readily connected to mobile devices. The 6.5″ thick tyres are tough and reliable. They have a brightly flashing wheel as well as side lights. LED front light, robust casing, and durable structure provide lighting. Customer support and warranty are provided by the Wilibl team.


If you want something safe and playful Wilibl hoverboards are a good option. This one of most 

Powerful hoverboard in the market. The lights are amazing to look at. The electric hoverboard has a thick and durable non-slip footpad, it gives you better control and stability. The 6.5” never flat rubber tires give better traction for a comfortable ride. The tires are good quality if you want something for kids to play indoors or on the porch. Unfortunately this is not built for rugged outdoors. If you want a hoverboard for kids that comes at a decent price and is safe for kids as small as 6 years old, this is the one. It’s a fantastic catch because of the durable solid tires with 6.5″ colorful flashing wheel and side lights, high illumination LED front light, strong shell, and sturdy structure. It comes with 36V/2.0Ah Li-ion rechargeable batteries and a charger. The strong 300W twin motors have a high speed of 6 mph, a top range of 7 miles, and a maximum weight of 200 pounds. When riding, it is advised that you use protective gear. It is preferable if your children ride it with the supervision of their parents, and the speed should not be excessive. On steep slopes, avoid making an emergency stop and start.

4. XPRIT 8.5” All Terrain Off-Road Hoverboard

The Xprit is an off-road hoverboard that can carry up to 196 pounds. The diameter of the wheel is 8.5 inches. The 8.5″ Tire is designed to be used outside. It has a speaker built in. The lithium-ion battery has a 4.0Ah 25.2V 100.8WH capacity. The charging period is about 2-3 hours, and the range is about 9km/6miles on a full charge. The maximum speed is 9 km/h (6 mph), and the maximum climbing angle is 15 degrees. The maximum weight supported is 264 pounds, with a minimum of 32 pounds and a maximum of 32 pounds.


Purchase this Hoverboard with 8.5-inch wheels. They’ll adore leaving their phone with XPRIT 8.5” as they enjoy the outdoors. This is an all-terrain hoverboard that is ideal for children who enjoy spending time outside. This may be used by both little children and teenagers. It is extremely safe and durable. Bluetooth is a nice feature, but it isn’t required. This board will keep your kids entertained for hours as they ride it through the grass and mud. However, if it gets too hot in the sun after prolonged use. When the hoverboard is out of balance, it vibrates violently. Before you take it outside, make sure you learn to ride it indoors first.

5. City Cruiser Hoverboard 8.5″

The City Cruiser hoverboards have all been put through thorough testing in terms of charging quality and electrical performance, and have received UL2272 certification. The built-in wireless Bluetooth speaker connects to mobile devices with ease. At night, LED headlights provide for a safer journey. The hoverboard features a 400W Dual motor with a maximum driving speed of 6mph, can easily and rapidly achieve a speed of 9.6KM/h, and can climb slopes up to 10 degrees, and can last more than 1 hour on a single charge and go more than 6 miles. 8.5″ solid rubber tyres with anti-slip and shock absorption properties; IP54 protection makes them more durable and water resistant. Beginners, amateurs, and office employees will benefit from this course.


City Cruiser is an off road hoverboard for beginners. If you want to travel around a warehouse, or a large campus quickly without having to ride a bicycle, this is perfect. It is perfect for kids and adults. The tires are sturdy and the build is durable. There are Bluetooth speakers but for outdoors that is not needed. It can take up to 264 lbs of weight which is good enough for average weight adult. Highly recommended.

6. Hendo Hoverboards

If you want to experience a super cool movie-like moment in your life, then go with Hendo hoverboards. This hoverboard will make you shocked and excited with its four disc-shaped hover engines. 

They use motors that provide an opposing magnetic field that will help the board lift and move above the ground. Hendo hoverboards use the projected force alteration technique to create a forward movement in the board. 

Hendo hoverboards have everything that perfect, well-made hoverboards without wheels should have. The company claims to produce the world’s first real hoverboards. You can trust this company fully because they managed to create a space for themselves in Times magazine’s top 25 inventions, in 2014! 

These beautiful hoverboards are created by Arx Pax, a well-known tech company.  The core concept from which this hoverboard was built is based on magnetic field architecture, they are so smooth and light that you will have a springy bounce as soon as you transfer your body weight on the board’s standing area.

7. Arcaboard Hoverboard

These boards are other excellent boards that work just fine without wheels. Riding arcaboard hoverboards will make you feel like you are actually a part of a Superhero movie.

We all have dreamed of doing something superhero-like, crossing across terrains and even waters, which was obviously an impossible task then, but now these tasks are possible. Every time you ride arcaboard hoverboard you will get a feeling of complete freedom and excitement.

These boards have created a great shift in the world of hoverboards, they are the most advanced and revolutionary means of transportation ever created. Make your dream of flying come true with these fascinating hoverboards. 

They too work on the concept of powerful rotating fans, these machines levitate above the ground with help of high powerful ducted fans that are attached to their bases and there are a total of 36 such powerful rotating fans in a single hoverboard machine. The maximum thrust these powerful machines take is up to 430 lbs.

The best thing these hoverboards provide to their customers is the allowance to connect their phones with the hoverboard.  You can control and navigate the hoverboard with your phone only. This company is known for creating hoverboards that are stylish, stable, have all safety measures, and are durable.

The power of this hoverboard is around 272 horsepower, which is more than enough. The hoverboard is mostly equipped with fans and powerful batteries that provide the sufficient energy needed for it to work. They also have an amazing cooling system and the battery life is excellent too,   you only need to charge it for one hour and it will work for 6 hours without any problems.

8. Omni Hoverboard

The word “extraordinary” suits Omni hoverboards well. They are exactly what a real hoverboard should look like. Omni is a well-known Canadian company that is popular for creating propeller-based hoverboards. If this popularity is not enough, the company has a Guinness world record in its name!

Omni hoverboards are so advanced and modern that they are worth being in sci-fi, action, and superhero movies. Technology has managed to capture our mind with their amazing concepts and functionality, and this hoverboard is just a small part of what advanced technology will look like in the future. Omni hoverboards are also called helicopters, the only difference is that you have to keep standing instead of sitting on it, and everything else is just the same. This hoverboard uplifts from the ground by the upward force they gain from the air.

The working mechanism of this hoverboard may seem a little complicated with deep science concepts as compared to other hoverboards that easily work with powerful rotating fans. 

The working mechanism-

When the hoverboard gets surrounded by  sufficient air,then that air is pushed down by the propeller placed inside the machine and this allows an upwards force to be created in the rotors at the base of the hoverboards. After this they are ready to move anywhere you want, the hoverboard can be easily moved up,down and side by side,however you want.

The reason people call them helicopters is because of its structure. The modeling of these hoverboards are way too similar with the modeling and structure of the helicopters. 

9. The Lexus Hoverboards

This company has gone beyond our imagination to create a hoverboard that is amazing in every way possible.

The company is like the biggest fan of physics because it’s hoverboards are made wholly on the basis of the theories and concepts of physics. They work their magic based solely on the concepts of magnetic theory from physics.

The company is a major science fan so its obvious that the working mechanism of it’s hoverboards are a little complicated and tough compared to other hoverboards with no wheels.

The working mechanism –

The machine of the hoverboard operates using magnetic levitation which is possible due to the presence of liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors and permanent magnets. 

This hoverboard is entirely dependent on magnets and superconductors and resists the gravitational force levitating from the ground. This way lexus hoverboards create the impossible like it’s nothing.

The superconductors present in the machines create a different type of magnetic field. They try to create the Meissner Effect in which when a superconductor and magnetic field is brought closer to each other , the magnetic field induces the superconductor by an electric field. The best part is that this current gets stored by the machine so there is no need for an oscillating magnetic field for this hoverboard. This way you can use the hoverboard easily if the current produced earlier is still left in the machine.

The reason the company has included liquid nitrogen in superconductors is to help the hoverboard cool down faster because there are many cases which have shown how the heat of hoverboards resulted in the sudden bursting of the machines. So the company has made the safety of their customers a priority and successfully removed the bursting problem.

Lexus has announced that their no wheel hoverboards are being tested in Barcelona, Spain, where a high tech company is checking and correcting the hoverboards so that the customers have an amazing experience, completely free of any technological issues.

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